10 Tips For Choosing A Montessori School

The frantic pace of parenting, and motherhood in particular has almost become a cliche’. We’re harried, we’re stressed out. We’re driving constantly, color coding calendars, arranging playdates with a level of diplomacy generally reserved for a State Department official. And to what end? To make our kids “better” – but does that really happen?

During the prehistoric times children were sent to Gurukuls, where they stayed with their teacher and returned home only after completing their education. The concept has however changed and Gurukuls have been replaced by hostels. But before you admit your child into a good school it is necessary to give a basic foundation so that he does not face any problem in his studies. The mother needs to play a very important role in molding the initial career of her child. She is required to pay full attention towards him. The best pre-school in Kolkata always focuses on giving the right education and also teaching the basic morals of life. Pre schools can be started anywhere and by anyone provided he has a sufficient area and the required capital. These schools can be defined as teaching with fun.

Yes, but I’ve been a writer all my working life — science, international trade, business, speeches … pretty much any sort of writing where I could make a living.

So, next time you want your kids to help with clean up, try inviting them instead. This means you’re actually going to be OK (and not give them the silent treatment) if they refuse; it’s not a demand, it’s an INVITATION.

KB: I’m a lot of things. I’m an MC. I’m a teacher. I’m a brother. I’m a son. Hopefully I’m a leader. I’m ambitious. I feel like I am “now” most importantly.

This past September 21st I took my television program film crew with me to a Best Montessori Preschool located deep in the middle of the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Meagan Ledendecker, the school’s director of education, asked each of the classes to create a project that would represent their own celebration of world peace. I thought this was an awesome day at the school and featured Meagan and some of the school projects on my television show.

Like many other toddlers, Dora the Explorer is her thing. We have Dora sippies, a Dora clock, Dora sneakers, Dora sandals for the summer, Dora dolls, a Dora hat, and the entire collection of Dora DVDs. Naturally, Dora panties were next. I can always count on Target, and there they were hanging on the rack–adorable little six packs with a joyous, big-headed Dora on every pair. Some even had Boots, her simian sidekick, on them as well.

But I think I can still claim that she was trained (maybe “convinced is a better word”) in a day. It might have been a tiny bit nerve-wracking to have my diaperless daughter running around the house at first, but really–what’s the worst that can happen? Moms are experts at cleaning up little disasters–and honestly, when the “disaster” is your own child’s, it’s really not that bad. It might even be endearing.

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