Energy Conservation Tips

Hydrogen is doesn’t create energy it only carries it and it must be generated from a primary energy source, such as electricity, natural gas, coal, nuclear fuel, wind or solar radiation.

Biofuel can be in the form of a liquid or a solid. Vegetable oil that is used as an alternative fuel source for some vehicles out there is a type of liquid biofuel. It can be natural or it can be reprocessed after it has been used. Some restaurants give their used vegetable oil to those that burn Biodiesel in their vehicles. Once it has been cleaned they are able to use it without harming their vehicle.

Wind turbines are great alternatives to run Texas prepaid electricity company at your own home. It is expensive to own one at first but in the long run, it will cost you nothing. When wind turbines are powered with solar panels, the two are powerful force in generating cheap energy.

Lock your doors and windows. This may sound so obvious, but it is amazing how many people don’t go to the “hassle” of locking their doors and windows. It is so simple and easy and may be your best defense.

So, before you ever find yourself in a hurricane watch you should have your window boarding system in place, you should have a supply of water and food and you should have an emergency plan in place with your family including where you will evacuate to and how you will contact one another in the event of a hurricane evacuation.

Solar energy in itself is free. However, the price and maintenance of each solar panel is very expensive so owning one at home is a little impossible.

Not so fast, not so fast. 99 to 1 is certainly not the ratio of believers to unbelievers in the world today. Never has been. We’ve already established in Luke that there are few who will come to Christ, percentage wise. Jesus came out and said that there are few that find the narrow way.

No one questions here the Father’s attempt to love all, but no statement should be assumed from these parables that all indeed will respond properly to that love. God’s love is universal. Positive human reaction is not.

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