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Real estate investment has become very popular in the last few years. With all kinds of “no money down” real estate courses being sold on infomercials and in every home business or investing publication that exists, people have rushed to buy properties for investment purposes. Unfortunately, many of these people are not interest rate savvy and are doing themselves a disservice by not refinancing some of their investment property mortgage loans.

The NAMB says that over 70 percent of brokers are legitimate, that is they have safeguards and policies in place to make sure that they stay on the straight and narrow. So what about the other 30 percent? Well, the whole 30 percent isn’t bad, but just as in any classroom, you’re going to have those at the top, some in the middle, a few at the bottom, and others who simply don’t show for class. Obviously, those at the bottom and the no shows would not be your first choice if you were going into surgery and they were holding the scapel, nor should they be handling your loan when you purchase a home or refinance.

Instead of trying to convince people how your products are superior and they should pay the higher price. Ask people how much your opportunity is worth to them. Help them see the value in starting their own business, having the free time to do what they want, and unlimited profit potential. When I talk with people I ask them if they want to work with me. And then I tell them they have to sign-up and pay the price. If they don’t see the value in working with me then they will continue to have the same struggles in life.

There are all different lenders out there, and they all have different requirements. When you look at those advertisements showing what appears to be the best offers. You will soon realize that they are only for the people with the best of credits. Luckily there are solutions, and you still can get a mortgage to purchase a home with.

Prior to looking for prospects for your new house, you have to find out first how much your pocket can pay for. In determining this, you can go for a pre-qualified or a pre-approved loan. With the aid of your real estate agent, you can find a Mortgage Broker Brisbane for either of the aforementioned procedures.

If you are thinking of refinancing an existing mortgage you will want to make sure that you know what the rates are and this is something that you can keep in mind. You might not get the lowest rates available, but if you can lower your rates it can help considerably.

Don’t sign anything until its time for closing and you’re comfortable with your choice. And never sign any paper work that has blanks on it and be sure to read everything thoroughly. Any good lender will also inform you that you have three days to change your mind and cancel any refinance if you don’t feel right about the outcome.

Now just because I said start offline first, that does not mean you cant start to get your system setup to help with your Internet marketing. Here is a system that I use that all I had to do was plug in my information. This online system will help you generate 30+ leads a day.

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