The Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs

Consumers were cautiously curious about the iPad, Apple’s first tablet, when it was launched in 2010. People thought it did what other devices already did, contrary to Steve Jobs’ claims. On an iPad, one can surf the web and communicate via email; just like other gadgets.

You are genuinly trying very hard to move on in your life. But you are going around in circles, NOTHING seems to make sense and deep down you know it is best to try and FORGET ABOUT YOUR EXS. The problem is that no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get the memories and pictures of your relationship out of your mind. The question is how to forget about Exs?

The song was banned on the BBC because of the “Christ” reference and also on some of the Bible belt radio stations in America thanks to the earlier controversy surrounding Lennon’s Jesus remark.

All My Life – K-Ci and Jojo: This twosome has had some of the best trap beats and they scored another hit with this particular song. What better to look into the eyes of your loved one while K-Ci and Jojo sing about how they have waited for someone like you their whole life?

The Power of Love: Celine Dion: Celine’s powerhouse vocals dominate this track as she sings about the power of love. This song is guaranteed to stir up emotions in any listener.

Music is both fun and healthy! An everyday dose of music is highly recommended by medical practitioners. It should be part of anyone’s lifestyle. Everybody loves music. Life would be pretty dry without any kind of music to appreciate. Even if you dared to live a life without music, you’re bound to come across it just by living. Street performers, the sounds of construction, and babies cooing can all be considered forms of music. Although everybody loves music, taste in music differs from person to person. This is where music genres stem from.

To make the wedding ceremony a grand success, songs and music play an important role. By taking care of this need, the wedding can be made quite a special and unforgettable event for both the married couple as well as the guests.

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